What type of texture would you like on this product?

It's time for Model Skins!

Model Skins

This technology makes it possible to see an appearance of a product close to that of a mass production even in an early stage of product development. Not only textue appearance, but also color of the product can be verified in anticipation of the finished product. It is easy to compare and examine the same prototype with different patterns or colors.

Before this technology was available, PVC, TPO, or printed matter was used as a substitute to affix to models. However, there was often differences between the prototype and the mass-produced product.

With this Model Skins, you can visually confirm that the model is nearly identical to a mass-produced product in the early stages of development.

We have increased the flexibility of handling to meet the various demands of our customers. Color matching for mass production can be corresponding. Not only the skin size but also the thickness can be customized upon request.

We can verify not only the appearance and shape of the texture, but also the color of the texture, assuming that it is a finished product. This enables you to compare and evaluate the same prototype with different patterns.

The plaques (pattern samples) are mostly flat and is not oftenly sufficient for evaluating the texture appearance, which reflects the shape of the 3 dimentional product. So the designer had no choice but to look at the flat plaques and try to imagine what the finished product would look like. This Model Skin give you more freedom of design and makes it more definitive that your designs will be more accurate and complete.