Micro Matte

This technology is developed to achieve high quality, low-gloss . It minimizes the change in final appearnace of a base texture while achieving low gloss finishes. This technology can be applied to leather, geometric or any other texture at the same time. Of course, Micro-Matte can be applied on top of an existing texture separately.

  • ■We have made it possible to achieve unprecedentedly low-gloss finishes. This is especially effective for resins such as ABS and PC, which tend to have high gloss.
  • ■Unlike the blasting process, this etching process forms a minute pattern on grain surface, making it semi-permanent, lasting for long time.
  • ■It reduces the periodical maintenance required for injection molds.

With Micro Mattte
Gloss 1.6

Without Micro Matte
Gross 2.4