SKY Texture

Sky Texture is a series of patterns that we have developed to reproduce paint-like finishes. Its feature is not only its appearance, but also its resistance to dirt and scratches. It is stain resistant, and even if it does get dirt, the dirt can be cleaned easily. It also has the advantage of anti-scratch because of its configuration.

SKY Texture

Image of SKY Texture

Conventional stipple texture

Image of conventional stipple textuer

The above images are magnified views of the surfaces of the molded product. A conventional stipple pattern is made up of independent concave areas and looks like there are holes in the reference surface. This makes it easy for dirt to get into the holes, and it is not easy to remove the dirt once it has gotten into the holes.

In comparison, SkyTexture is made up of independent protrusions. As you can see in the illustration, it is easy to remove dirt by just wiping it off with a cloth.

Scratches are most noticeable when the continuous plane surface is scratched. The continuous plane surface of SkyTexture is located lower than the convex areas. Compared to a conventional stipple pattern, the surface contact area of SkyTexture is smaller and less likely to be scratched. This is the reason why SKY Texture is scratch-resistant.

Patent No. 3080367