Laser texture machining

Since the establishment of our company, we have developed the various technologies of chemical etching to meet customers' expectations. Now, we are developing a new technology to create new generation designs using laser beam.

By maximizing the high precision and accuracy of the laser beam, which are the characteristics of the laser beam, we are able to develop detailed and complicated patterns that have never been possible with chemical etching.

Laser engraved pattern SET-L2044

This 5 mm square is made up of four 2 mm squares. Each petal is represented in the center of the square, down to a single petal. The grooves between the small squares are cut like a cliff. You can see the edge of laser engraving, which is diffinitly unique to laser engraving.

The inclination angle and direction of the top surface of each squares are different. In addition, the top surface is engraved with a very shallow hairline, and the direction of the hairline in each square is also different. This creates a holographic effect by reflecting light in various directions, which changes the appearance depending on the angle of view. Incorporating this technology into the maximum number of grindings makes possible the development of intricate and complex patterns, which could not be achieved with chemical etching.

We are also working on a hybrid process that combines chemical etching and laser engraving. The two technologies are used in every possible way to create a texure pattern that our customers require.

Pattern Gradation (seamless and stepless change)

Laser engraved pattern SET-L2013

Ecology is now a priority for all the companies, and we are committed to it. The chemical-free laser technology is also good for the environment.

Laser engraved pattern SET-L2049

Photo of the tool surface