SET Group's Summary

Chonburi, Thailand:
Number of factory employees 44.
Site area 972㎡.
Crane capacity 10t+5t
Pathum Thani,Thailand:
Number of factory employees 35.
Site area 800㎡.
Crane capacity 5+5t
Number of factory employees 13.
Site area 600㎡.
Crane capacity 10t, 5t
Number of factory employees 10.
Site area 220㎡.
Crane capacity 5t
Number of factory employees 13.
Site area 425㎡.
Crane capacity 10t+5t
Number of factory employees 3.
Site area 425㎡.
Crane capacity 10+5t
Number of factory employees 11.
Site area 428㎡.
Crane capacity 10+5t, 5+5t, 1t
Number of factory employees 3.
Site area 400㎡.
Crane capacity 6+3t


1998 June , we started texture processing at the Asahisombun Plant in Bangplee Industrial Estate in Thailand.
2001 May , our own factory was established on the premises of ARRK in Bangkadi Industrial Estate in Thailand.
2008 September , the Rayong Plant, the second facility in Thailand, was established in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate.
2011 August ,SET Asia Group was established to establish a cooperative framework for texture processing in Asia.
2011 September ,Taiwan,Tien Cheng Metal joined the SET Asia Group.
2012 February,SET INDONESIA was established in the Industrial Zone of Jabababeka, Indonesia.
2013 January , SET-VIETNAM was established in Hanoi under the technical cooperation with Inc.VPMS in Vietnam.
2014 September,Relocated the Rayong Plant to the WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate in Thailand and renamed it SET-Chonburi Plant in order to expand business.
2016 October , SET-TAIWAN was established in Taoyuan City after taking over the business from Tien Cheng Metal in Taiwan.
2020 June , - SET-PAKISTAN factory opened at Inc.KTDMC in Karachi, Pakistan